August 04, 2014

Zoeva | Make Up Artist Zoe Bag Brush Set

A few weeks ago, my Zoeva brushes arrived in the mail. I was beyond excited to start using them. I've been using them almost everyday for the past few weeks and felt like it was time I finally did a review on them, and let you know how I like them. 

The Brushes
I've found my holy grail brushes. I can not believe how amazing these brushes are. I've found myself reaching for them, over any of my other brush sets. I won't get into each brush individually, as I have a very large set, and may leave that for another blogpost. 

When I first touched the brushes, I was speechless at how soft they were. I could stroke my face with them all day if I could. Each brush has a distinct feature about them that stands out, and there is honestly not one single brush I do not like. I find that most brushes can be used a number of different ways and are extremely versatile when it comes to what you use them for.

The application of product that these brushes give is perfection. I find that the bristles don't absorb a mass of the product, and distribute any product evenly. No shedding of the hairs has occured just yet, even after having washed them one or two times since I've had them. Fraying is not an issue with me, as I use brush guards when drying, so I don't have a comment on that.

Stand Out Brushes
My favourite brush by far is the 109 Face Paint. The way this brush contours your cheekbones is perfect. It blends product out smoothly, as well as keeping a defined contour.


The 110 Face Shape is the perfect size for blending out concealer. Personally, I was getting tired of using my finger to blend out my concealers. This brush has saved me. The size of this brush is small enough to blend under the eye, but big enough to get the job done quickly. It also gives such a flawless finish and really aids in building coverage.


There is no longer a day that goes by where I don't use this brush. The 104 Buffer blends foundation out so flawlessly, I thought I was dreaming when I first used it. It gives that airbrushed look and can build the coverage of a foundation up so nicely, without it looking cakey or too much. The bristles also absorb so little product, so most of the product actually goes onto your skin.


I am a sucker for stippling brushes. I mainly use the 125 Stippling brush when I don't want a heavy finish. I find I'm able to get a more natural look with this brush. 


I honestly haven't used most of the eye brushes I have in my kit, but one that I have been using religiously is the 221 Luxe Soft Crease brush. This brush blends eyeshadows out incredibly. It gives a very soft finish to the shadow, especially when using transition colours in the crease. I am in love with this brush.  


You can purchase this brush set here.

Until next time my lovelies,

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