January 25, 2014

Best Friends 18th | OOTN

I've always been one to love dressing up, especially for parties. But I do sometimes find myself over dressing at times. My best friend Kevin turned 18 this week, and to celebrate he threw a pretty rad 18th birthday party at his house. I didn't want to over dress like usual, so I tried to create a smart-casual look. As I was in a rush to get ready, I forgot to take a proper photo to show you all my outfit. But I did manage to snap a quick selfie of what I wore at my friend's house in this large mirror they have. It's not the best photo, but it shows of the pieces in my wardrobe. Also, at this time, I wasn't exactly at my soberest moment, so forgive me if I look a little funky.


What I wore | Get this look 
- Black crop top : Supre
- White Skort : Mink
- Red Cardigan : Cotton On
- Black Sandals : Target 

As you can tell, I'm not one to spend a large amount of money on clothing. The most expensive item I wore was my skort, which was only $29.99. 

The night was definitely one to remember, and it was lovely catching up with people I hadn't seen since we all finished high school in November! ((Well most people. For some it wasn't so nice!)) This was a nice and short blog post, but it's just a filler as I'll be doing my first ever monthly favourites post soon! 

Until next time,